116: Michael O’Heaney, part 2: Less plastic, less stuff, more fun, more family

January 9, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

First, if you haven’t watched Story of Stuff, as much as I love my podcast, watch the videos from the organization Michael O’Heaney leads—the Story of Stuff.

You’ll hear that simple things he could have always done are available and doing them improves his life, as I heard.

As experienced leaders often do, he involves others—in particular, his daughter—in contrast to many others, who tend to think of other people as problems. They think, “I can’t stop flying because of family,” or because of work. Always someone else.

Leaders involve others solutions that affect them a strategy that usually works, at least among this podcast’s guests.

He’s not the first to find acting on his environmental values overcomes separation with children. I recommend listening to Jim Harshaw’s episodes for another example of a parent using acting on his environmental values to connect with people he cares about.

Read the transcript.

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