136: Nataly Kogan, part 2: Happiness Comes From Skills You Can Learn

February 14, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Happiness comes from skills, which you can learn, which Nataly teaches.

Environmental action does too. Happiness and living harmoniously with the environment and your values go well together, as would make sense given our environmental history.

Many people think starting small isn’t worth it. Watch Nataly’s videos and read her book about improving happiness. Any skill you learn helps you learn other skills. Starting small works.

I suspect her experience developing happiness-related skills enabled her to reduce her bottle use by 99%, improving family morale in the process. You tell me if you think she’ll apply it more, since you’ll hear how she made it meaningful.

I suggest that if developing happiness skills helped her act on her environmental values, that acting on environmental skills will also help her become happier.

Nataly is all about making things you want to do rewarding, fun, enjoyable. What are you waiting for to start? You can make it enjoyable, even the starting.

Naturally, I hope you’ll take on acting on your leadership or environmental values, not anyone else’s.

But act. You won’t regret making yourself happy in the process.

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