137: Why Famous Guests

February 15, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

This podcast has featured some world-renowned guests, with more renown to come.

Popular downloads include Dan Pink, multiple #1 bestseller, 40+ million TED talk views, Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair and CMO of General Electric, Marshall Goldsmith, #1 ranked leadership guru and author, Frances Hesselbein, Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree, Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Ken Blanchard, author, The One Minute Manager, over 13 million sold, Jonathan Haidt, #1 bestselling author, 8+ million TED talk views, Vincent Stanley, Director, Patagonia, David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, over 1 million sold, Dorie Clark, bestselling author, Jordan Harbinger, top 5 podcast, 4+ million monthly downloads, Doug Rushkoff, #1 bestselling author, producer, media theorist, Dave Asprey, founder Bulletproof, NY Times bestseller, Bryan Braman, Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagle, Marquis Flowers, Super Bowl highlight reel star New England Patriot, John Lee Dumas, top entrepreneurial podcaster, and more.

Upcoming guests include an Olympic gold medalist, TED speakers with yet more views, and more. I’m speaking with a Victoria’s Secret model and a Nobel laureate.

I love meeting and talking to successful people who have overcome challenges, and I presume you do too, but I’m serving two goals:

  • Materially measurable environmental results
  • Emotional reward in doing so, meaning joy, discovery, meaning, purpose, and such as the leadership part

I seek out renowned guests to achieve these goals. This episode explains the connection.

Read the transcript.

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