151: What Al Gore Misses

March 10, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Since seeing Al Gore’s movies and speaking in person in November, I’ve wanted to share what I see as the next step in leading people to live by their environmental values.

I love what Al Gore has done so far and could learn more from him than he could from me, but I think the next step of environmental leadership will come from leaders living by their environmental values far more than any I know of are.

An environmental leader causing more greenhouse gas emissions than the IPCC recommends, for example, is like a Surgeon General who smokes or eats sugar cereal.

Changing his behavior without losing effectiveness may look hard, but I believe he can do it and will increase his effectiveness, though only by doing so will he figure out how. Whatever the initial challenge, he and his teams will find more ways to make themselves more effective, increasing his and their environmental legacies.

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