198: Brandon Voss, part 1: Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It

July 8, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Brandon loves negotiation and teaching it. He learned from the top in the field and practices it apparently 24/7. We start our conversation by covering negotiation as developed by an FBI hostage negotiator—Chris, his father.

More than the family nature of their business or the FBI basis of his training and technique, I enjoyed his educational approach to negotiation. Brandon wants to help you improve. Keep in mind, his view of negotiation is not the mainstream view where you just use tricks to defeat your counterparty under high-stakes tension.

Listeners who have read my books or taken my courses, or know and appreciate what I call Method Learning, will hear that Brandon’s teaching technique is like mine: you learn from practicing the basics.

The conversation sounds tactical at the beginning—things like what words to use and what goals to seek in a negotiation.

As we continue, you’ll hear him reveal strategy, and it’s not just to win. It’s closer to how to live and participate in relationships.

I hope you get as much out of the bottle example we talk about as I did, seeing the richness and depth available to grow a relationship in any negotiation.

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