200: Caspar Craven, part 1: Sailing to the head of the corporation

July 11, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Caspar leads a fulfilling life and helps people do the same.

What’s his expertise? How has he found purpose more than others? Why do corporations book him to help them with morale?

He sailed around the world with his family. He lived a comfortable corporate life. He didn’t have to do something out of the mainstream and independent.

It forced them to figure out their narrative and purpose. Since most people don’t challenge themselves that way, they don’t learn about themselves so much. Were his choices easy? No, he had to figure it out by acting, no different than anyone else.

His leaving the corporate world made him more valuable for the corporate world. Anyone can do it. Few do.

It’s like environmental leadership. Anyone can do it. Few do. The opportunities are global. Billions demand it.

Caspar and his family show how much joy, community, personal growth, meaning, and purpose can come from acting on your values.

Regular listeners may have picked up my trend toward sailing and sailors. My avoiding flying has led me into a wonderful community and amazing experiences.


As a professor and having earned a PhD, education is a longtime interest, especially experiential and self-directed learning.

Caspar and I talked about educating children outside the regular system, through curiosity. It turns out kids learned more when starting with what interested them.

Like what motivates people to act environmentally or any type of following: telling people what to do doesn’t work as well as asking their interests.

I hope you hear from him to change things on the scale in your life as he did in his. He’s no more or less human than anyone else.

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