201: James Altucher, part 1: More Curious and Adventurous Than Almost Anyone

July 19, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

James is fascinating and, I believe, fascinated. He interviewed me as much as I did him.

The recording starts mid-conversation since we were just talking but his engineer started the recording. You’ll hear a few minutes in when we found out we were being recorded. Since his engineer mixed live as we went, I’m giving you the conversation unfiltered. No removing ums even.

We talked about initiative, education, how to learn social and emotional skills, my category of ASEEP fields and how I teach, cold showers, exploring nature, my podcast strategy, and why it brought me to him.

James has written and spoken at length on taking initiative, alternatives to mainstream education. He seemed fascinated by my teaching style. I gave him a copy of my book Initiative that he started skimming while we spoke. As I read, with enthusiasm.

Talking about nature and the environment comes in around 50 minutes.

We shared our mutual disdain if that’s the right word for following the overly-worn path, also the problems with parroting doom and gloom.

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