220: Michelle Tillis Lederman, part 2: Making it habitual makes it easy

September 18, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

As always, Michelle is lighthearted and fun, even when serious. She laughs a lot. Partly because we’ve been friends over ten years, partly because she’s mastered connecting with people. I see her everywhere (I’ll call out her appearing on even longer-time friend and Leadership and the Environment guest Jordan Harbinger’s podcast, where she mentioned me).

Not often do I hear something in a podcast conversation that’s a new habit I’m going to try. This conversation with Michelle led to two. I recommend them both and I’ll try to find a way to report back how they go.

Plus she shares how her book, the Connector’s Advantage, keeps growing, now internationally.

We talk environmental leadership. She shares her experience with plastic bags, something a lot of people tell me they want to do, but keep putting off. Note how she says when you commit to something it becomes a habit. It can be that straightforward. Habitualizing something makes it effortless. Michelle speaks with experience.

I always think of diapers since I know so many parents. People say avoiding plastic bags or packaged food is hard, but from my perspective, changing diapers seems like it takes a lot more effort, attention, and patience than bringing bags to stores, yet first-time parents go from zero to 100% changing overnight.

When people commit, they act like leaders and stewards. Fears about other people being problems transform. They see others as part of the solution. Acting on environmental values builds community.

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