221: Climate March Reflections

September 20, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Here are the notes I work from for this episode:

From climate march

Went 3 times:

  • Before lunch to participate in organizing group, went to Foley Square. Seemed like tens of thousands, maybe six figures.
  • On my way to a meeting, walking on lower Broadway
  • After my meeting, just ending

Didn’t hear speakers. In fact, I shared with my sister the impressions you’re about to hear and she said the speakers said the opposite, which I’m glad to hear.

I’m going on the hundreds I could see immediately around me, the tens of thousands I could generally see, and the few I heard speaking.

Ostensibly about children, but when I hear adults saying it’s kids, I hear them excusing themselves, not taking responsibility. Why only kids?

No secret that country politically divided and adversarial.

Fell into political divide calling conservatives and oil people enemy. Easy but won’t influence. The people they call enemies aren’t trying to pollute and they aren’t so clean.

I heard Greta is avoiding U.S. politicians. I predict she’ll say stop demonizing and making politically adversarial.

Missing is addressing the beliefs and systems that many of these people probably sustain.

Role models: Mandela and Gandhi.

They aren’t enemy, system is, which is driven by beliefs. We want to change beliefs, including in ourselves.

My message: we’ll like and be glad we did, wish we had earlier. Like not smoking: hard to change not to stay. On contrary, will find disgusting.

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