225: My role model: Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine

September 30, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Polio terrorized the world. People died and became paralyzed and there were no defenses to it.

Science understood it and eventually Jonas Salk found a vaccine. Just having a vaccine wasn’t enough. They needed massive global public projects to disseminate it.

Is the connection to our current environmental problems obvious? As I see it, our behavior is causing the problems. If I’m not too full of myself, this podcast’s technique, which I describe in my TEDxNYU talk, in a sense inoculates people from inaction on environmental values. It changes people to where they enjoy wasting less and taking responsibility.

We don’t need a massive global public works, but what if we spread that technique globally. Instead of trying to figure out how to feed 10 billion or how to accommodate billions in third world countries wasting and polluting as we do, what if first worlders reduced our waste by 75 to 90% and the world over we chose to decrease our birthrate to where we lived well below the carrying capacity?

We could solve many of our environmental problems and improve our lives.

Am I crazy to see the polio vaccine as an inspiration?

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