229: How might future generations view us?

October 11, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

I believe many people believe we live in an age of wonder and that people from any other time would envy us.

I believe future generations will not look at our flying and pollution not with envy but with horror, as we look at slave holders and people who didn’t resist Hitler.

The sooner we get that into our thick skulls, the sooner we’ll enjoy life with less craving, excuses and acting like spoiled brats.

How many spoiled brats do you know where you think, I like how spoiled that person is, I’d like to be like them? But they don’t know it, do they? So we don’t know it either, spoiled brats that we are, telling ourselves we can’t live without eating pizza in Napoli before we die while putting local farms out of business eating vegetables flown from wherever.

Or could we live so future generations see us how we see Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, or Oskar Schindler?

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