230: Brad P, part 2: Change your habits, change your life

October 12, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Brad identified the problem of people acting or not as our emotions and behavior, which many forces contribute to. We also talk about media and scientists.

This refinement of the understanding to emotions points to what to work on that I see few environmentalists unaddressing: emotions, feelings, and community, not technology, innovation. Almost the only emotions they evoke are fear, panic, and worry, which don’t motivate acting on the environment. They motivate disengaging from the speaker.

If you associated attraction coaching with trickery or games, you might not expect this identification. On the contrary, Brad knows about relationships, people, and teaching. These things happen to lead to more intimacy—physical, emotional, and intellectual—and they are big elements of leadership.

We talk about vegetables, CSAs, helping people in need from the opioid crisis, habit change, and long-term cooking habits with long-term girlfriends. On a personal note, I’ve found it very relieving to share this part of my life that I’ve kept confidential so long. In retrospect it’s more like sports and acting than I thought.

As I’ve mentioned, I haven’t shared this part out of fear of people with preconceived notions but powerful voices misunderstanding and attacking. Maybe later someone will push back in a way I feared, which would be from a misunderstanding. So far I think people understand.

Listeners who contact me tell me they find the podcast inspirational. I love when they tell me the passions they’ve unearthed. Yet many tell me they haven’t changed their behavior.

I hope Brad’s experience shows you that whatever effort you put in, you’ll find it worth it. If you aren’t acting on listening, you’re missing out. When you act, you’ll not only pollute less, you’ll love life more.

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