231: How are you justifying your polluting behavior?

October 13, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

When we pollute, we think we act for the reasons in our minds that justify that behavior, but those reasons generally come after we choose, motivated to justify behavior we consider wrong.

Most environmental analysis looks at the science of what pollutes more or less.

Today I look at the mental processes and emotions behind choosing polluting behavior. Almost always pollution results in separating yourself from others—you don’t want to pollute your world. Avoiding polluting connects you with others because you account for your effect on them.

Acting sustainably and regeneratively build community and connection.

I suggest that when you get this pattern and internalize it, you will stop trying to justify what you’ve been doing that pollutes and that those behaviors and results will create disgust in you. You’ll prefer that disgust to the blissful ignorance it replaces.

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