232: Michael Werner, part 2: Leading Google by bike

October 14, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Since recording this episode, Michael has become Google’s Lead for Circular Economy.

Michael took on a challenge many people consider: biking to work for a month. He challenged himself amid product releases at work and family obligations as his wife traveled, so he couldn’t just start. He had to plan and work at it. Even so, he created cheerleaders of his riding at Google among his coworkers.

He led them by doing what others wanted to but didn’t.

I can’t help wonder if his biking contributed to his promotion to a role of environmental leadership.

Before all that, you’ll get to hear about his spectacular blow out.

Michael clearly explains his plans, actions, and results — what worked and didn’t — so if you’re thinking about biking more or any environmental action, you can use him as a role model.

I’m curious if he’ll follow his personal experience with leading people more at Google or steering Google beyond where he would have otherwise.

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