243: Confusing distinct modes of acting

November 10, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Tired of people saying what you do doesn’t matter? Or personal action in general?

They’re confusing different types of action. In this recording I distinguish three of them so you can feel comfortable acting by your values without the naysayers and navel-gazers distracting you.

The three categories are

  1. Personal action, like avoiding packaged food
  2. Leading others, like hosting a podcast
  3. Influence one’s local community, like sharing joy

Distinguishing them protects me from feeling dissuaded when others confuse one person not polluting with that person trying to change the world. Nobody says, “why do you bother not murdering? You can’t stop everyone from doing it.” Yet they still say, “why bother avoiding meat? People will still do it.”

They’re confusing personal action with leading others.

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