276: Service. stewardship, and the huge rewards they create

January 18, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

The notes I read from for this episode:

Service and giving back using Jason McCarthy GORUCK guy on Jocko.

  • Friend, Dan Zehner, knows Jason
  • Told me about his episode on Jocko Willink’s podcast
  • One section resonated with me because it described what I feel
  • He speaks as a veteran and starts by describing owing
  • Jason says elsewhere in the conversation that military service isn’t unique in providing these results. Other kinds of service do too.
  • The sense of service and stewardship, and the depth and meaning of teamwork and community seem similar.
  • I hear how most people describe the interaction with the environment, grasping to reusing disposable cups.
  • They sound like they feel shameful and guilty, as if someone else and not their behavior, was causing the feelings
  • Listen to Jason. Wouldn’t you rather sound like him?
  • Beyond feeling better about personal action, think of the potential to lead, to create that feeling based on effective results in others
  • Imagine helping transform American and global culture, or your local community, to become clean, to foster and value stewardship, community, and connection
  • Who wouldn’t want this?
  • The recording starts with a question of Jocko
  • Hear how much Jason wants to share the meaning and purpose of this activity
  • By the way, speaking of Dan, we became friends over his doing the exercises in my book Initiative, which led him to create his life’s dream project, meeting the top people in the field in the process, and partnering with a dream partner. I’ll include a link to his blog, where he is recording his experiences doing the exercises.
  • If you want to do something meaningful with your life and haven’t found a passion to build it on or how to bring it to life or your work, I recommend my book Initiative. Do I sound passionate about my work? This podcast resulted from what it teaches.


  • He talked about building a bridge between worlds, giving back. Maybe I’m projecting, but I see stewardship, especially environmental stewardship, overlapping with what he talked about. It’s service.
  • We who have acted on our environmental values have to build a bridge to because judgment, guilt, shame, facts, figures, doom, and gloom aren’t what we’re about, or at least not what I’m about
  • Stewardship for me is joy, community, connection, meaning, value, importance, purpose, and passion.
  • The stories I know of people who have acted bring out those things.
  • Let’s make environmental action more about these things. I consider it my responsibility.

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