277: The joys and challenges of leaving addiction

January 19, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from for this episode:

  • I recently recorded conversations with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live
  • Rewatched The End of Dieting and a part captured me
  • About stopping a habit, the stages one goes through
  • Though he talks about food and diet, the same stages and challenges appear in living by your environmental habits.
  • He starts by talking about how when you start — eating in his case or avoiding packaged food, not flying, etc if you act on the environment.
  • He describes everything I went through, from feeling like I couldn’t, like I made my way harder or worse, like others could do this, not me
  • All the way to how I came to love it, find the old ways disgusting
  • What he talks about the joys, he’s speaking from experience that anyone can have, of more of what you love at less cost, more convenience, and so on.
  • He says taste buds change. They do. You will find packaged food disgusting and fresh fruit unbelievable.
  • That change will happen in other areas. You’ll see buying packaged food unpleasant, same with unnecessary clothes
  • You’ll replace those things with spending time with people you care about, building projects, connecting with people.

After the conversation. . .

  • I don’t know how it sounded when he said you would stop loving the ribs or cheesecake a la mode, or when he mentioned how people say I want to live fully, but that the SAD made your life worse
  • When you identify your deep motivations and act on them, you’ll go through that experience too and you’ll love that you did.
  • I recommend trying. Nothing is motivating me to influence you except that I think you’ll enjoy life more after the change
  • I believe you’ll wish you had earlier.
  • Why not start now? Sit with someone to help you follow the steps in my first TEDx talk and start improving your life.

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