300: Larry Yatch, part 3: Discovering New Emotions With His Sons and Wife

March 6, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

As a sneak preview to my third TEDx talk, I used this conversation wit Larry as an example. Sorry you’ll have to wait a month for the organizers to edit the video. Waiting is as hard for me as for you.

When last we heard, Larry committed to picking up trash from beach with his sons and wife. Sometimes involving others can increase the challenge. Other times involving others leads to leading them, involving them in the process.

What do you think happened with Larry’s challenge? Does SEAL training lead to being able lead family members?

I believe you’ll see another side of Larry from the first two episodes, trying to figure out the emotional interaction, sharing what he learns with his family leading up to this conversation, searching inside himself, which he shares openly. I don’t know how much vulnerability a warrior shares normally, if there is a normal. You’ll hear it when it comes.

For many listeners environmental talk and action conjures feelings of guilt, shame, confusion, futility, and the like or expectation that people will try to make us feel that way. I believe you’ll hear from this episode what I try to convey in this podcast, that you’ll make your life better, by your standards.

After you listen, see if you can tell how much I’m enjoying this growing dare I say friendship with Larry—talking about kids, education, and so on? Deep, meaningful access to people is available to anyone through the environment, which could be through family relations, religion, food as in my case, camping, hiking, exercise, and so on.

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