308: Marni Kinrys, part 1: The Ultimate Wing Girl

March 17, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Previous guest and retired dating coach guru Brad P suggested inviting Marni as a guest, his longtime friend and colleague. She coaches men on attraction, dating, and so on. Curious?

She pioneered women coaching men in this area, as you’ll hear in our conversation, helping transition the field in ways you’ll hear her describe. Her fourteen years of experience led her to expertise, understanding, skills, insight, and fun. I don’t know of her peer.

She shares her expertise and experience. I predict you’ll find her story fascinating, engaging, and fun.

On a personal note, I’m continuing the opening up about my practicing and coaching dating, attraction, seduction, etc. so you’ll get to hear more of my evolution in something important to me where I felt vulnerable. I was also a guest on her show, the Ask Women podcast, which listeners have given positive feedback on. She and her co-host Kristen Carney created an open, fun context where I could feel comfortable sharing my dating coach history.

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I got to see into a quasi-secret world or perspective that I knew about but hadn’t actually heard from directly and openly. And we have mutual friends.

And if you’re a man looking to attract women, I recommend contacting Marni for coaching.

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