313: Jeff Kirschner, part 2: Still Working On It, Still Learning

March 23, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

I’m releasing Jeff’s part 2 at the same time as 1.5 since they’re both short episodes and still haven’t led to achieving his goal. You’ll hear we joke about it but, if I’m open, I’m frustrated at what I feel as my failure.

I intend in these interactions, beyond helping guests share and act on an environmental value, to deepen their appreciation of that value so they feel they acted meaningfully and want to share something joyful. I believe everyone cares about something environmental enough to unearth that meaning.

Jeff seemed to appreciate the project as something to manage, but I failed at unearthing and deepening the environmental aspect of it. I’m not saying that’s bad, but incomplete. For someone who has made such a successful app, business, and community, I would have thought I’d unearth and activate plenty in terms of results and feeling of meaning and purpose. I don’t think I did.

If you hear it differently, let me know. I view my conversations with Jeff as lessons to learn from, but I’m not sure what to learn.

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