314: Brent Suter part 2: A Major League pitcher and his farmers markets

March 25, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

If you love hearing people at the peak of the human condition behind the scenes, you’ll love this episode with Major League Baseball pitcher Brent Suter. I think you’ll also hear the subtext of food connecting his family already and his teammates soon.

Sports and food

I love sports, competition, and athletics. I love food, meaning fresh vegetables and fruit. This conversation with Brent, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

This is one of the shortest times between episodes. As I mentioned at the end of last episode, Brent decided to commit to shopping at a farmers market after we stopped recording. He knew of places near him that he had meant to visit. He did the next day, then again the next weekend, and made some vegetable stews of his own, which he loved—the result, the process, the learning, and more.

The mental game of professional sports

Prepare yourself for the future of athletics—eating delicious and healthy for himself as an individual, an athlete, a husband, and a human.

He also indulged me in sharing about the mental side of professional sports, what facing a batter feels like, how he trains, how he handles success and failure.

I hope you enjoyed our conversation even half as much as I did.

Covid-19 note: Is it safe to eat produce from farmers markets? Yes and please do.

Previous guest Marion Nestle is one of the world’s top food experts and these posts of hers compile useful information:

Enjoy farmers markets, enjoy vegetables, and enjoy banding together as a national and eventually global team

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