318: Why pandemics will keep increasing and how we can reverse the trend

April 2, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

I don’t normally post other people’s material, but 1) I found this video the most valuable I’ve seen on pandemics and 2) a previous guest, Dr. Michael Greger, created it.

It’s an hour, so I summarize its highlights in this episode, but watch the whole video for the comprehensive view with full data and references. My summary covers

  • What current media coverage includes—the urgent, important
  • What it misses—the non-urgent, important
  • Long-term pandemics trends
  • Recent pandemics trends and why we are causing them to increase
  • How we can decrease them

EDIT: Also watch this later video by Dr. Greger, which follows on the first one: Can we stop a future pandemic? Dr. Michael Greger M.D explains what’s next.

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