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724: Dr. Michael Greger, part 2: How Not to Age


I follow Doctor Greger's newsletter and watch his videos every week. I unsubscribe from nearly everything else. In this episode we get a sneak preview of his next book, How Not to Age. Since he mostly covers diet, I wanted to check how much the book covered. Since my biggest problem with aging is my torn meniscus, I looked it up first, and the book covered torn menisci. Since my diet overlaps so much with his recommendations, I shared my diet and exercise. We talked about his book, his web presence, and what I love: behind-the-scenes stuff. I also shared my doof concept with him and he started using the term too. He's on a book tour, so we kept it short, but if nutrition is important to you, listen.

185: Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM: Nutrition and the Environment


I subscribe to almost no newsletters or video channels, but I subscribe to Dr. Greger's Nutritionfacts.org. More than subscribing, I promote it. Watching his videos is a highlight of my Sundays, when his newsletters go out, and I've watched hundreds of them. Regular listeners know that food began my move toward environmental leadership, as well as loving fresh vegetables, fruit, legumes, and food without packaging nor its fiber removed. I've never eaten food so convenient, inexpensive, social, and, most of all, delicious. Several years ago I started finding videos from Nutritionfacts.org, hosted by a medical doctor on a mission to make nutrition information simple to understand and act on for everyone. The videos present digested but not dumbed-down medical research on nutrition-related topics, generally peer-reviewed in short segments usually under 10 minutes. It turns out that maximally nutritious food overlaps nearly perfectly with food that minimally impacts the environment. Watch his origin video if you haven't already---for that matter, watch as many of his videos as you like---as well as his cookbooks, longer videos and more, then listen to our conversation. I loved the conversation so much---two people who love similar food with a passion---I couldn't stop talking about food enough to invite him to take on a challenge to live by his environmental values. I selfishly got answers to questions on my gnawing eating habits. I hope you don't mind, but if you're here to learn about habits that will help clean the environment or to learn about leaders who changed their habits, you'll love this episode.

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