330: Lockdown Inspiration from Nelson Mandela

April 22, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Many of us are struggling living in lockdown.

Nelson Mandela has inspired me in many ways. Going beyond subsisting in captivity, he emerged from 27 years imprisoned on Robben Island—South Africa’s Alcatraz—to become President.

Today’s episode shares part of what I believe helped him, which I believe can help us. First, he endured 27 years. We’re only a few months in, and not in a small cement prison cell with a bucket for a toilet.

More, he practiced daily habits. We can too. I describe his in this episode, I hope in ways we can learn from.

Here are a couple quotes I read in the recording, both from his autobiography:

  • “I attempted to follow my old boxing routine of doing roadwork and muscle-building from Monday through Thursday and then resting for the next three days. On Monday through Thursday, I would do stationary running in my cell in the morning for up to forty-five minutes. I would also perform one hundred fingertip push-ups, two hundred sit-ups, fifty deep knee-bends, and various other calisthenics.”
  • “I awoke on the day of my release after only a few hours’ sleep at 4:30am. February 11 was a cloudless, end-of-summer Cape Town day. I did a shortened version of my usual exercise regimen, washed, and ate breakfast. … As so often happens in life, the momentousness of an occasion is lost in the welter of a thousand details.”

For more on Mandela and daily habits, see my post, Nelson Mandela on sidchas.

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