331: Rob Harper, part 2: A Pro-Trump View

April 24, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Our second recorded conversation covered Rob’s experience with separating his recycling.

The first time we met we meant to record but ended up speaking for three hours, partly meeting as person-to-person and also talking about what people in this country with differing political views probably used to but don’t any more. We also ate my famous no-packaging vegetable stew—a delicious way to minimize polluting.

The second time we recorded, but also spoke a good hour first. In other words, despite Rob supporting Donald Trump and my opposing, we’re communicating a lot—in the style of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia. We don’t plan to keep talking unrecorded, but we start and next thing you know we’ve covered a lot.

As you’ll hear at the end of this conversation, we’re talking about continuing our conversation in other media. Since recording, those conversations have happened, covering issues only comedians do, but seriously. Check out my blog for those conversations.

I find it refreshing to continue to learn his perspective and to air out a few views. I hope to learn how to help conservatives who value clean air, land, and water but who don’t live by those values following my model for leadership—to help people do what they wanted to but haven’t figured out how.

I’m curious where his environmental challenge will go. He may stop, but I suspect something will linger.

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