401: Defund the police? A proposal.

October 29, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

We’ve seen suggestions to defund the police. Many on the left consider it an obvious step. Many on the right think it’s loony and will lead to society falling apart.

I propose a way forward, building on my civilian service academy idea from a past episode, putting responsibility to act first on those proposing the idea. It would be hard, but if people seriously believe other agencies can do some things better than police, they can show it.

EDIT: I found a story of people doing what I described. They found a place where non-police responses work more effectively than police and are implementing it. Here’s the story: The Cycle of Punitive Justice Starts in Schools. Eric Butler Is Showing Kids and Teachers How to Break It. Teaching restorative justice, one hallway fight at a time.

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