400: Race, part 1: Should whites shut up and listen?

October 28, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Following up my conversations on sex, drugs, and rock & roll with Dov, previous podcast guest Dan McPherson of Leaders Must Lead and I talk about race.

We start be reviewing our relationship and why we chose to record a conversation on race.

We then talk about risks for white people talking publicly about race, even innocent topics everybody would value being covered. Frankly, I feel vulnerable and scared talking about my personal experience in our current climate.

Then how when I hear whites describe their experiences regarding race, they sound foreign. Often the stories of people of color sound like mine. Once in my life did I hear a white person’s situation sound familiar to mine, a couple months ago.

We talk about why the term fragility doesn’t seem to apply.

Then we mostly flow about talking about our experiences regarding race.

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