418: Chester Elton, part 2: The world’s number 4 best leadership speaker, trainer, and thought leader

December 5, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

The Global Top 30 Gurus named Chester the world’s number 4 best leadership speaker, trainer, and thought leader, as I happened to find while researching before our conversation. I had to ask him about it, which led to him sharing about it. Naturally, he spoke humbly about it, but we get some inside views of his rarified level of the corporate and government leadership world. (The list named two other podcast guests and one who hosted me).

When I asked about his path, he shared so many wonderful and helpful stories, I kept asking him for more. I wanted to hear about his bottle commitment, but our conversation became a master class in more than becoming a leadership guru, but also to manifest any passion. You’ll hear that his passion wasn’t to do what it looks like he’s doing when you just look at his behavior. That’s what you see.

He shares what motivated him to start and what kept him going through failure, working for no pay, fear, anxiety, and the things you don’t see if you just see bestselling author. He shares about his experience decreasing pollution. I’ve had several guests who contacted me midway and said they couldn’t figure out how to do their commitment. In all cases, with a little reflection and support from me they’ve surpassed their expectations.

I confess I thought Chester might come back with not knowing what to do. On the contrary, he did it and shared the results. I meant to ask him if he felt “I could have done this a long time ago” because it felt like in the end, after he got past what he described we build up in our heads, he found the action simple and easy.

He sounds like he’ll find other things too so I hope he takes me up on the future invitation.

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