419: Balint Horvath, part 4: Fatherhood and sustainability

December 7, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Let’s talk fatherhood and sustainability.

“Josh, you don’t understand since you don’t have kids, it’s impossible to avoid producing waste,” people keep saying. Since they say other things I’ve done is impossible before learning I’ve done them, I expect they’re making excuses and that I could solve parenthood problems too. Without kids I haven’t solved their problems (though guest Bea Johnson has in her family of four that produces less landfill waste than I do), but I expect I could.

Balint became a father since he was a guest. We decided to record a new challenge for him as a father. The first episode we just spontaneously started recording, so we didn’t set up microphones. I decided to trade catching the moment for sound quality. In the second half we recorded with our good microphones.

Since some podcast guests have stopped their challenge shortly after their second episode, I’m gratified to hear a guest continuing it forever and building on it. You could say maybe he’s continuing it because it fits with minimalist values he already developed. I contend that sustainability resonates with some values in everyone. He didn’t start with an advantage. He found one anybody could.

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