436: You’re right, it’s not fair!

February 7, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

The notes I read from for this episode:

It’s not fair!

  • Back from picking up litter
  • Forecast, a few inches of snow
  • Just want coffee, not to dispose. Ancestors could
  • Just want to travel, not pollute.
  • Don’t want to think about others all the time
  • Just want to relax
  • Tons of trash from last snow
  • Asked cafe to ask people not to litter around trash
  • Not our responsibility, city, customers
  • Someone else, some other time, never me, never now
  • Yet improves life
  • So no, it’s not fair. Others got to do without thinking what if we do, we hurt others, people far away
  • But any parent knows responsibility improves, stewardship
  • If we live by their values, tragic
  • If we live by values of cultures that have endured, joy, community, connection
  • So no, it’s not fair, but what will you do about it
  • What will you do about your contribution?
  • Not zero.
  • Lament? Take responsibility? Live in past? Create future?

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