437: Bill Ryerson, part 1: Population matters

February 9, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

No matter what you think we should do, everyone gets that there is some connection between population and sustainability. Everyone knows our population is increasing. We’re consuming more than ever.

How do we talk about this issue? I think most people shy away from it. I know I did, until recently feeling “what’s the point in talking about something we can’t do anything about?” I saw problems with overpopulation but the only cures I knew of seemed worse than the disease.

Today’s guest, Bill Ryerson, has been working on these issues with tremendous effects increasing prosperity, stability, freedom, and things everyone prefers—think the opposite of the One Child policy. He shares what he does, his sources of inspiration, why what he does works, and how it started for him with Mexican soap operas.

Actually, it started long before with action of the sort nearly everyone talks about today—laws, information, facts—but it didn’t work. The Mexican soap opera started what worked, and has around the globe for decades.

After you list, read the book Over. You only have to see a few images to get the value, and understanding that seeing can create.

I hope this episode helped loosen the grip of beliefs of mainstream culture. I wish I had heard things like it decades ago.

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