438: Avoiding Creating Garbage, Advanced Edition

February 13, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

When they hear I take two years to fill a load of trash, people ask how I do it, what’s in my trash. In this episode I share a couple stories from last week of facing things entering my life that would result in my having to take responsibility for trash—acquiring a new cell phone and acquiring bagged food.

I’ve done things like these processes enough to know that they result in joy, community, and connection. It may sound like too much effort or annoying. Regarding too much effort, I put the stories in context of how much people put effort and time into TV and gyms, which my practiced lead to saving time and money, resulting in plenty to spare. Regarding annoying, I used to think so, but you’ll hear that my interactions as they happen, not how you might erroneously imagine, result in more understanding.

Some day our culture will prevent things like these interactions happening. We’ll look at single-use packaging how we look at asbestos.

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