494: How Is Addiction to Fossil Fuels Different From Addiction to Heroin and Crack?

August 16, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Below are the notes I introduced this episode with. If you want to see the state of the park, I posted two videos here. Prepare to be disgusted, maybe even shocked.

  • You’ll hear me talking about my local park, one of the most drug-ridden in New York City
  • Because it’s my back yard and I refuse to retreat from the degradation, you’ll hear my passion. This was all extemporaneous, so you can tell the time I spend in my neighborhood, talking to neighbors and politicians to help.
  • But please translate in your mind the addicts giving up and trashing common land to all of us as addicts to a/c, flying, twenty-minute showers, SUVs, meat, big families, and so on. At 80 percent overweight and obese, we’re addicted to refined sugar and fat.
  • I mention in the recording how the crack and heroin’s pollution is small compared to rich people’s, but I want to start you off with that perspective, since I’m illustrating our culture and all of our behavior that’s not helping anyone as our health, longevity, abundance, and stability are decreasing, not increasing.
  • I’m talking about us. If you think heroin and crack users who see no future actually do have futures if they overcome their addictions then you know you can too.
  • Your excuses that you have to for work or family are as specious and self-serving as theirs.
  • Please listen to this episode thinking of us as the addict.
  • You’ll hear potential solutions. You can live them yourself. You can live without flying, meat, long showers, more than one child, and so on.
  • When you do you can lead others. Addicts need role models to see they can switch. I hope you believe how I had to transition from being just like you if you think you can’t live without flying or whatever.

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