501: Big City Andrew, part 2: Cleaning small towns and big cities

August 28, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Sorry the audio doesn’t show the big Trump flag behind Andrew, because in this episode, I hear a regular guy who sees America’s small towns and big cities becoming polluted and acts. Not that Trump supporters aren’t regular people, but that I see the mainstream environmental view of Trump supporters as the enemy, people who don’t get it, or won’t.

I think it takes two to tango in cases like this. If you paint people as enemies who can’t get it, I don’t see how you can expect them to listen to you. If you only speak in terms of your values, I don’t think people with different values will feel understood or want to listen to you.

Meanwhile, I find that all people have intrinsic motivation to act on the environment. Connect with people on their terms and they’ll engage, including American conservatives on sustainability and the environment.

Andrew, as you’ll hear, for example, acts on his own motivation to recycle. He likes it and finds it easy enough that his action gets his girlfriend in on the project. That is, he leads her. He doesn’t try to convince her. He does something he likes and she joins in. He shares how he feels more people should do it.

We also talk about politics and how to engage conservatives more. It’s not that hard.

Sometimes I feel I’m almost the only person who can see liberals and conservatives both increasing America’s stewardship and sustainability. Everyone agrees on traffic laws, for example, like not to cross double yellow lines. I’m working to get sustainability to a similar place.

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