502: Cassiano Laureano, part 1: The world record for most burpees in an hour

August 30, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

When I read about Cassiano setting the world record for most burpees in an hour–951—I knew I had to meet him.

Though I’ve maxed out at a mere 370 in a day, I did most of them in under three hours. Still dramatically slower than Cassiano, but I’ve kept my streak unbroken for about ten years.

I had to learn his motivation, his obstacles, how he overcame the obstacles, his training, how the event felt, and all of what goes into setting that record. He wasn’t doing it for the money and even the motivation to raise funds for his niece’s health wouldn’t necessarily keep him motivated.

He shares his motivation, perspective, beliefs, and how he handled injury. Anyone can challenge themselves as much to live by their values.

Then you’ll hear his environmental values stemming from growing up poor in Brazil, coming to America and struggling, then making it here. How he acts on his values is so simple, affordable, and rewarding, anyone can do it. I predict hearing him will make his actions sound attractive. I recommend listening and emulating.

I can’t wait to hear how his commitment goes and I bet you won’t be able to either.

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