507: Behind the Mic: Teamwork Versus Leadership

September 13, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Today’s episode explores a subtle but potentially meaningful and large shift, considering focusing on sustainability teamwork more than sustainability leadership.

The main difference is that I think people feel taking a leadership role makes them vulnerable and means lots of work. Joining a team is fun. If enough people join it feels natural and odd not to.

You’re hearing me develop an idea in real time.

Here are the notes I read from:

Switch to team?

  • Leadership stick neck out
  • Sports, business, military, music, drama, family, indigenous tribes, small communities
  • Playing Beethoven: no one but everyone
  • Everyone matters, bench player, fans, home court advantage
  • Improv exercise
  • Everyone can join team. Not to messes it up for everyone. Imagine fan blocking. Some can lead, many leadership roles: coach, outstanding player, biggest fan
  • Internet search: nothing relevant
  • Kicks in tribalism
  • Competition two meanings: winning versus finding and reaching their potential
  • Opponent is the old values and complacency
  • Difference between parent and babysitter
  • Chamber quartet with tuba or clown horn is SUV

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