558: Michael Carlino, part 5: Which is the danger, lowering or raising the human population?

February 6, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

This conversation was one of the most fascinating I’ve had. I couldn’t have had it when I was younger. Michael and I are learning each other’s world view regarding population, our innate drives, how we create or deplete resources, and related topics.

We both agree we want many humans prospering. Our world views differ in what creates the resources we need to live: more humans to create the resources or fewer humans to keep from depleting them. As a result, we each see the strategy the other promotes as grave threats to the mission we agree on: human flourishing.

What makes the conversation fascinating and one I couldn’t have had before is that we aren’t arguing or fighting. We’re listening and learning.

We start by talking about habits, discipline, virtue, and aligning priorities. I think you’ll like this fifth installment of our conversations.

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