600: Etienne Stott MBE, part 4: What it’s like rebelling with Extinction Rebellion

July 1, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Following up last conversation with Etienne, on Extinction Rebellion’s mission, strategy, and tactics, this time we talk about his path from disengagement to becoming a Rebel—that is, playing a significant role in Extinction Rebellion and committing a major part of his life to it.

I don’t know many others who have committed and dedicated so much personally, with such dedication and passion, to making sustainability one of their priorities or the priority. Most people seem content to talk about it and get outraged but not act.

Etienne shares about peaceful civil disobedience, pressuring the state, his personal risk, coming to terms with engaging so fully, talking to loved ones about it, and more of the personal side of preparing to act. He knows his history and title lead many people to listen to him more, though it could also lead people who disagree to push back harder. The Olympics and patriotism mean different things to different people. He has stature, but many people may decry him for that reason.

It meant preparing himself, emotionally, socially, intellectually. If you’re thinking of acting, you can learn from Etienne’s experience.

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