607: Mike Michalowicz, part 2: Being the Icebreaker

July 16, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Mike committed to a year-long task. Few guests go for so long. Since we’re in a writing group together, I’ve seen him in between, but since I want you, the listeners, to hear guests’ results first, I didn’t ask him if he stayed on track. To be candid, I suspected he didn’t because of the year length. Regular listeners know I bring some guests on for episode 1.5s, where I help bring them back on track. Usually it happens because I didn’t connect them enough to their intrinsic motivation.

I can’t stand about our culture, including environmentalists: everyone uses extrinsic motivation, coercing, cajoling, convincing, and seeking compliance. All these techniques promote resistance. Even if the person complies on the action you bludgeon them into, you reinforce that they don’t want to do it.

So some guests, even when I do my best to make sure they’re acting for their intrinsic reasons, not something abstract like to save the world or think of the children, choose something extrinsic.

Not Mike! As you’ll hear, he went to town on picking up litter while running. He accidentally made up a new term for it and influenced people he knew and even people he didn’t.

First we talked about my disconnecting my apartment from the electric grid, a bit over a month when we recorded. He loved my activity. I loved his. A love-fest all around. Plus he felt that story should be out there so much, he put me in touch with another New York Times bestselling author I’ve since scheduled recording.

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