724: Dr. Michael Greger, part 2: How Not to Age

October 10, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

I follow Doctor Greger’s newsletter and watch his videos every week. I unsubscribe from nearly everything else.

In this episode we get a sneak preview of his next book, How Not to Age. Since he mostly covers diet, I wanted to check how much the book covered. Since my biggest problem with aging is my torn meniscus, I looked it up first, and the book covered torn menisci.

Since my diet overlaps so much with his recommendations, I shared my diet and exercise. We talked about his book, his web presence, and what I love: behind-the-scenes stuff.

I also shared my doof concept with him and he started using the term too. He’s on a book tour, so we kept it short, but if nutrition is important to you, listen.

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