725: Gautam Mukunda, part 3: The Spodek Method Doesn’t Always Create a Huge Mindset Shift

October 19, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

Gautam and I had a lovely conversation about environmental things. He’s become a good friend (we talk outside our recordings). Still, listen to determine for yourself, but I’d say this conversation exhibited a minor mindset shift if any. After we talked about Gautam’s experience, we spoke mostly about abstract environmental issues, not personal ones.

He spoke about some difference in his views and feelings brought on by his commitment, but mostly he talked about the beauty of nature flying-distance away. I want to help people find the beauty or any value they like of nature where they are, or realize that it’s possible, or worth fighting to restore if we’ve paved too much of it over.

So it’s a different conversation than usual—both friendlier between us and more abstract on his connection with the environment—though you might hear differently.

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