154: Why You, Famous Person, Will Like Being a Guest on this Podcast

March 13, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Today, I’m sharing what value being a guest offers to influential, well-known people.

I call Oprah and her peers the single-name people — people everyone knows by single names: LeBron, Serena, Sergey, Larry, Barack, Elon, Bill, Mark, Madonna, Giselle, Venus, Meryl, Bruce, Maradonna, Cher, Beyonce, Messi, Jay-Z, and so on.

I also mean anyone influential or with an audience — people in politics, accomplished actors, journalists, singers, artists, and the like, bestselling writers, public speakers, winning athletes, and so on.

If anyone listening is someone like them or knows them, this episode is for you.

I’ll say it bluntly, but nothing you haven’t heard before: we could potentially could lose civilization. If we don’t, it will likely be because people changed culture.

Rare moment in human history, where change can create legacy on the scale we see only every few thousand years. Buddha and Jesus level influence and legacy.

This podcast emerged from seeing that we lacked leadership. Every scientist and engineer says we have the technology and other means. The question is will we. That’s leadership.

We live in a leadership vacuum and you, famous person, can help fill it to great personal growth and joy. You can do it just by being a guest on this podcast.

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