051: Jeff Brown, part 2: Changing a community through leadership

June 15, 2018 by Justin Schenck
in Podcast

Can a small change lead a community?

Our conversation with Jeff Brown shows how a small action on what you care about can inspire and lead a community. Even small actions, when based on your values—what you care about—can make big differences because humans are social and share many values—for example, clean air and water. Helping his neighborhood recycle acts on those shared values.

Jeff likes business ideas and leadership—enough to start a podcast on it. You can hear the potential he anticipates in being a leader to help people around him. Acting on the environment starts the process. Helping others and himself make it more meaningful, at least as I hear it.

Jeff shows that simple beginnings, acting on your values, can change your life, your town, and the world.

Read the transcript.

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