074: Scott Mautz, part 1: Finding the Fire

August 15, 2018 by Justin Schenck
in Podcast

Scott takes on a three-part challenge in this episode . . in the middle of a book launch!

We discuss how Scott is bringing his experience running multibillion dollar companies within Proctor and Gamble to helping people make sense of how they see work . . . and to create meaning and purpose in a world that doesn’t do it for them any more.

We discuss the life of a leader, speaker, and leadership speaker—what I was new to when we spoke (and that he’s helped me with before and since). He reiterates one of the major themes emerging from nearly every effective leader on this podcast—that effective leaders focus on the other person.

In his case, he focuses on helping others help others.

I’ll put to you, the reader:

  • How often when you act for your environmental values are you doing it to help others?
  • How often when you act against your environmental values are you putting your interests first?
  • What do effective leaders do?

I’m interested to see how Scott holds up on his 3 part challenge while promoting his book. Stay tuned.

Read the transcript.

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