075: RJ Khalaf, part 3: Palestine and Coffee

August 16, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Even leaders need to remember to check-in and communicate with their closest friends.

In RJ’s third conversation here, he shares what integrity, listening, and communication mean for leaders. He acts with these skills in his professional and personal life. From running mentorship camps to sticking to his values on something so seemingly small as a disposable cup at a bus station, RJ puts actions behind his words.

Do you think it’s coincidence that someone who acts on details also succeeds at such a global level? I don’t, and I suggest that if you pay attention to such detail and act on it then you will help yourself more than anyone else and more than you expect.

Check out www.leadpalestine.com to learn more about his work, watch his TEDx talk, and listen to this interview to hear how you can start with simple actions to make big impact.

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