RJ’s TEDx talk that began as homework from my course

April 9, 2018 by Joshua
in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

RJ Khalaf took my course at NYU, Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship, a few years ago.RJ Khalaf

His class project evolved into LEAD Palestine, which led the Dalai Lama to name him a Dalai Lama fellow.

He also appeared on the Leadership and the Environment podcast and was a panelist on our expert panel last week.

Saturday he gave his first TEDx talk at TEDx NYU.

All credit goes to him for his accomplishments, but I felt great pride seeing something that emerged from my course reach international acclaim and to see his skill in representing the project.

The beginning

This is the beginning of what we’ll hear from RJ and his project. Expect a lot.

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