Joshua Spodek: big in China

June 20, 2011 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity

I’m big in China! I can’t tell what the video or text says, but covered my opening.

Here’s a video of me and my work. Totally cool to watch, assuming they are saying cool things about me.

Here’s a write up.

Here’s a web translation of the write-up. If anyone can make better sense of it, please let me know:

Static in the move – Joshua Spodek expansion diorama display 18 Flushing
Author: Bin Zou time :2011 -06-16 17:50:07 Click: 78

[Zou Bin, China Press correspondent in New York reported on June 16]

“Static in the move – Joshua Spodek expansion diorama” personal art exhibition will be held on the 18th day in Flushing, New Moon Art Gallery formally meet with the general public. As a whole the largest expansion of the New York diorama art exhibition, Joshua Spodek expansion diorama want to take advantage of digital imaging technology, so that people with him from the rest of the mirror in the taste of the dynamics of infinite charm.

According to Spodek introduction, this art exhibition aims to peep through the expansion of this unique artistic medium of still images will be presented to dynamically move the audience. If you are standing in front of the expansion diorama, you see only one side of the ordinary, narrow diorama. However, if the left since the expansion diorama slowly move to the right, then your eyes is the one presented by dynamic, coherent, complete picture. Spodek said he was focused on this art form, because he wants everyone to do more to pay attention to everyday life often overlooked moments that change, such as flying birds, dancing the rhythm of the flow of time there. Expansion diorama can help him save and enjoy the fleeting fragment repeatedly, and the “moving in a static, static in action,” the beauty of harmony to bring more people.

PhD in astrophysics from Columbia University and MBA in Spodek obsessed diorama of the study, the expansion Atlanta diorama was lit subway tunnel, through the built-in lighting design for the passenger presents a long subway 300 meters picture. Art Exhibition will be held June 18-July 17 leap in Flushing Queens Crescent Arts Gallery on display and will be held 18 pm opening reception and artists forum and look forward to you for coming.

Here’s a web translation of the blurb under the video:

Colorful diorama has been loved, but the expansion diorama is not common. Ever-changing gallery will be until 18 June 17 July held “quiet in the move” Joshua Spodek expansion diorama personal art exhibition.

The exhibition will be the full expansion of New York’s largest diorama art exhibition, which will through its unique artistic medium of still images will be presented to dynamically move the audience. Spodek invented the diorama used in expansion of digital imaging technology, he now only a small amount of creative work, but focus on the abstract meaning of this art form. He who in the past by capturing the moment is often overlooked changes in poetic time to demonstrate the circulation. (Chinese American Network intern reporter Cheng Li Ruan wide width)

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