The Joshua Spodek Ten

February 17, 2014 by Joshua
in Freedom, Tips

A longtime reader and friend told me a way he put together to make himself feel better, going back to my 2009 post, “Less, please“.

He said “You know how I get to feel better when I’m feeling down? You have your burpees and SIDCHAs. I do my Joshua Spodek Ten. Whenever I feel down, I set a goal of getting rid of ten things.”

He described that he had lots of stuff, but had been getting rid of and working to avoid acquiring things since “Less, please” and had gotten good at it. More importantly, he realized a way to make himself feel better, through less clutter and stuff, however much he thought getting any one of the things would improve his life when he got it.

From his description, it seemed getting rid of things was challenging and could take more than a day since he told me he was up to five on his current ten.

Anyway, I felt honored, flattered, and inspired. I hope his practice helps someone else out there to try their ten.

Can you get rid of ten things? Will it make you feel better?

Why not try?

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