Leading a children’s workshop on picking up litter in Union Square

August 18, 2021 by Joshua
in Education, Nature

I pick up litter every day.

My old yoga teacher, Eunnye, invited me to introduce her children’s group to the practice. Her group is Critical Learning Club: Essential Education for Sustainable Living.

We met by the Gandhi statue in Union Square, NYC, to pick up litter together. We had fun picking up litter together, though sad at how much litter we found. Here’s the a video of it:

We hope watching us will lead you to pick up litter daily too. We hope it leads you to buy less packaging so retailers tell manufacturers to stop making it, and everyone tells the extractors to leave the oil in the ground.

The more you pick up the more you want to pick up more.

I’m glad to see Union Square cleaner than Washington Square Park, though, sadly, that’s not saying much with how people treat Washington Square Park.


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