Lifesaving ideas: firescooters, firebikes, and firedrones

April 13, 2019 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship

fireman with injured baby

It’s been a while since I wrote about an idea I think would improve the world or make someone money. Ideas are cheap. We have them all the time. I’m focused on environmental leaders so would rather someone run with these ideas than let them wither.

I live across the street from a firehouse. When they go out on call, the firetruck has to exit the building, then the firefighters get in, then they have to go through an intersection. Even when they hurry they take a minute to get in. Usually there’s no traffic, but sometimes when there is, even with the siren blaring they have to honk and sometimes have to wait.

The firescooter or firebike

I imagine every second counts. I thought of the idea years ago for the firehouse to have a bike or scooter that one firefighter could jump on first, before the truck even got out of the building. He (I’ve never seen a women firefighter at this station) could leave faster and weave through traffic, arrive at the scene, assess, and radio back the situation.

I can’t imagine one person arriving earlier could hurt and I could see how it could help. I don’t see the scooter costing much.

The firedrone

The firedrone is similar, but a helicopter drone, which I imagine could arrive faster even than a bike or scooter. It wouldn’t put a person on the scene, but I can’t imagine a faster way to see the scene in a crowded city.

Searching on fire drone, I see similar applications, but usually to use a drone at the fire to go into the building. I propose them to arrive before the trucks.

Again, I can’t see the idea hurting nor costing much, but I can see it helping.

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